Weekly Maintenance

Let us into your backyard once (maybe twice) a week to keep that pool sparkling!

Our Weekly Service Agreement starts at one price, broken down into 3 payments:

  1. The first due at your opening
  2. The second on August 1st
  3. And the final due on the day of your closing. 

This one price package includes:

  • Your Pool Opening
  • Initial Clean-Up
  • Up to 18-weeks of cleanings
  • Your Pool Closing

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Water Chemistry

Sometimes the toughest task homeowners face is keeping their water balanced.

Constant run-ins to the local pool store are no more.

Allow us to properly balance your pool water throughout the year to help keep your pool crystal clear, avoid algae blooms, and to avoid any wear-and-tear on your equipment or pool itself.

The Basics of our Cleaning Service


Our package includes:

· Weekly vaccums as needed

· Skimming the surface of the water

· Cleaning and emptying of all skimmer and pump baskets

· Backwashing as needed

· Water testing and balancing

· Chemical treatments as needed

· Cleaning of automatic pool cleaners

· Brushing walls and tile down as needed

Weekly check on equipment to make sure you’re running as efficiently as possible!