Service and Repairs

Equipment Replacement

  • Hayward Pumps and Filters 
  • Pentair Pumps and Filters
  • Raypak Heaters



From simple motor replacements to more advanced heater problems, allow us to diagnosis any issue you may experience with your pool. And we promise to get you back on the right track.

Salt Water Conversion


Why Should I switch to salt?


· No need to buy chlorine.

· No more carrying and dumping heavy jugs of liquid chlorine

· No more chlorine smell

· No more red eyes and itchy skin!

· Make skin and hair soft!

Expect to pay anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 for a good salt generator. We recommend using Pentair’s Intellichlor. It’s one of the least expensive and the easiest to understand and operate!

The conversion process is pretty simple.

  1. Before we install your generator, we’ll want to balance your pool water perfectly. Any conversions that are off may affect the performance of the generating cell. Eliminating and controlling phosphates in your pool water will add to the longevity of your salt cell. Phosphates act as food for algae, as well as glue for containments that can lead to scale build-up inside your salt cell. 
  2. Once we have balanced your pool water, we will install your generator. 
  3. Next we will then add salt to your pool. Normally this will be between 400 lbs. – 1,000 lbs. based on the size of your pool. The proper salt for a salt water pool is non-iodized salt — plain old table salt.
  4. Before turning on the generator we want all the salt to dissolve and circulate in the water as we allow your pool to run for 24 hours. 
  5. And finally, once we turn on your cell, we’ll set your generator for a 50% sanitizing output. After running for a day or so, we then test your chlorine levels to make sure your generator is maintaining the proper levels. If the levels are too low we then increase your output, and vice versa.