Safety Covers

Safety Cover Providers

We are a distributor of cover manufacturers:

  • Merlin Industries
  • Meyco Pool Covers
  • Loop-Loc

Cover Remakes

Have an existing cover that needs to be replaced or repaired?

No problem!

We take your existing cover and ship it out to your choosing of one of the manufacturers listed above. They'll use your old cover as a template for your new cover. Erasing the need for us to drill anymore unwanted holes into your pool patio!

A simple solution at reasonable prices.

New Cover Installation

If your pool has never had a safety cover, now is the time!

Safety Covers provide a unique look to your pool during the off-season while providing durability and protection to your pool and family. 

We can come out and measure your pool accordingly to get the precise measurements needed to make sure your cover fits perfectly.