Four Telltale Signs You Need Pool Repair

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While pool maintenance will go far in protecting your pool from problems, it can’t eliminate the risks entirely. Even a well-maintained pool may need pool repair from time to time to keep it in good condition. But if you can’t avoid the need for pool repair, you may still be able to prevent the problems from getting worse when you spot and address them early.

Four Telltale Signs You Need Pool Repair

If you’re not sure what to look for, here are four telltale signs you need pool repair:

  1. Cracks in the Walls or Floor- If there are cracks in your pool’s vinyl liner or concrete, it’s important to address them as soon as possible. Cracks could indicate leakages, which are problematic for your water bill and the soil around your pool.
  2. The Water Level Is Dropping- Your pool’s water level can drop for two main reasons: evaporation and leaks. Evaporation can often be solved with a pool cover. If the water level is dropping rapidly, however, there may be a leak. To avoid significant water loss, call for pool repair immediately.
  3. Unclean Water- Dirty water can be caused by all kinds of things, including blocked pipes, blocked sand filters, and malfunctioning pool pumps. If your pool water is abnormally dirty and you’re not sure why, you should schedule repairs.
  4. Strange Odors- When your pool smells bad, you might be able to attribute it to unbalanced pool chemistry. However, there is a possibility that there’s a blocked pipe causing the water to smell, meaning you’ll need pool repairs.

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