Vinyl Pool Installation, Oakhurst, NJ

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Our innovative approach to vinyl pool installation introduces modern designs and installation techniques.

Vinyl pool installation involves a systematic process to create a durable and visually appealing swimming space.

Vinyl Pool Installation in Oakhurst, New Jersey

  1. First, the pool area is excavated to the desired shape and dimensions.
  2. A strong framing support structure, typically made of steel or polymer walls, is then assembled to form the pool’s frame.
  3. Next, a concrete collar, or footing, is poured around the foundation of the pool walls and structure, “concrete-locking” your pool in for good!
  4. The hydraulics of the pool are then installed, and all plumbing of skimmers, returns, and main drains takes place.
  5. The installation of a vermiculite pool floor base is then installed to provide a durable yet forgiving finish up against your new liner.
  6. A vinyl liner, customized to fit the pool’s specifications, is carefully placed inside the structure. This liner acts as a waterproof barrier and defines the pool’s interior surface. The liner is secured in place, and the pool is filled with water.
  7. Finishing touches, such as lighting, coping and decking, are added to complete the vinyl pool installation.

Distinguishing ourselves from the outdated perception of tacky vinyl pools, our innovative approach to vinyl pool installation in the Oakhurst, New Jersey area introduces MODERN designs and installation techniques that elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your pool!

NO MORE limitations associated with traditional vinyl pools; our contemporary designs seamlessly incorporate a plethora of accessories and add-ons, rivaling the versatility and appeal of gunite pools. From sleek water features to integrated seating and advanced lighting options, our commitment at Modern Pool Solutions lies in providing you with a visually stunning and fully customized pool experience. Embrace the elegance and functionality of our modern vinyl pool designs, where form meets function for an unparalleled pool your neighbors will be jealous of!

At Modern Pool Solutions, we offer vinyl pool installation services in Lincroft, Belmar, Red Bank, Oakhurst, Eatontown, Long Branch, Freehold Borough, Highlands, Lake Como, Bradley Beach, Keansburg, Shrewsbury Township, Asbury Park, and Keyport, New Jersey.