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With gunite pool installation, you have the freedom to shape and modify the layout according to your preferences.

Gunite Pool Installation in Lincroft, New JerseyGunite pool installation involves a meticulous process to create durable and customizable swimming pools. At Modern Pool Solutions, we begin with grading and excavating your site.

  1. Once excavated, the pool area/structure is framed out with steel rebar to form the pool’s shape and structure.
  2. From here, we will finish with our rough plumbing and electrical work to set you up for your first round of inspections!
  3. Once approved, the next step in gunite pool installation involves the application of pneumatically sprayed concrete, commonly known as gunite, over the rebar framework. This process allows for a strong bond around the rebar, strengthening the steel and the integrity of your pool structure.
  4. Once the gunite cures, the pool undergoes a finishing phase, including the application of tile, coping, and the installation of various features like waterfalls or your patio material.
  5. During this phase, we are also installing all pool equipment to code standard to ready for our next round of inspections.
  6. Finally, your pool’s plaster finish will be applied! With the vast number of finishes available, you can customize your pool even further with a variety of plaster colors and pebble finishes.
  7. Once applied, we start filling your pool with water!!

Gunite pools stand out as the ultimate canvas for customization, offering unparalleled flexibility in design and modification. With gunite pool installation, you have the freedom to shape and modify the layout according to your preferences. Whether you envision intricate water features, unique shapes, or personalized additions, gunite’s adaptability makes it possible to bring your creative ideas to life on your Lincroft, New Jersey property. This level of customization ensures that your gunite pool becomes a unique and tailored reflection of your style and vision, providing an extraordinary and personalized swimming experience.

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At Modern Pool Solutions, we offer gunite pool installation services in Lincroft, Belmar, Red Bank, Oakhurst, Eatontown, Long Branch, Freehold Borough, Highlands, Lake Como, Bradley Beach, Keansburg, Shrewsbury Township, Asbury Park, and Keyport, New Jersey.