Liner Replacements

Need a New Liner?

If your liner is beginning to tear, feels brittle, or the pattern is beginning to fade, then it might be time to replace!

As your liner ages you can begin to see it pull from the pool walls. In some instances creating tears in the corners of the pool. These tears can be extremely difficult to patch, and can ultimately allow water to get behind your liner, creating even bigger issues down the road.

We work with Merlin Industries, a liner and cover manufacturing company, that makes top-of-the-line, quality products. 

Click the button below to view some of their latest patterns!


Once you've picked out a pattern of your choosing, we begin the measurement process.

Each pool liner is custom-made, meaning all measurements need to be specific and spot on. 

Once we have your measurements, we send them out to the manufacturer and they begin to create your liner!

Some Hazards

Not all liner jobs are perfect nor do they go exactly according to plan. In some instances when removing your old liner, we can run into the issue of ground water.

What is ground water and what are some signs?

Ground water, though it is virtually everywhere, is caused by high-water tables. If your lawn remains soft and spongy several days after rain, it is a good indication that you may have a high-water table on your property. If you notice bubbles or wrinkles in your pools floor, there's a good chance you have ground water, and your pool liner has "floated."

So how does this affect my liner replacement?

As we pump out the pool water, we are decreasing the weight/pressure that can be fighting against any ground water underneath your pool. As this pressure lessens, the ground waters pressure can overtake control and push its way through the pool floor. Ultimately creating the liner to "float," which is just visible water behind the liner.

Once all pool water is removed, we then must combat the issue of the ground water. If your pool is not equipped with a "ground-water line," our only option may be to install our own ground water line to keep up with the oncoming water.

What is a "ground-water line?"

A ground-water line is a pipe we install behind the pool wall and underneath the pool floor.  This pipe runs from the top of the pool deck to 1’ below the deepest depth of the pool.

Once installed, we place several inches of clean stone/gravel over the pipe area and plumb the line to a pump sitting on the pool deck to begin removing the ground water.  Making sure to discharge water far away from the pool.   

We then cover the open areas of the floor with new vermiculite and cement, all while the pump continues to work to keep away any remaining ground water.

See the photos below!

The Liner Replacing Process

Pump Out

We begin the process by removing all the water in your pool with a 3" trash pump.

This pump out typically takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Clean Up

Once the water is out, we begin to clean up any remaining debris all while preping the old liner for its removal.

Cut Out

Here we remove the old liner while patching any divets or blemishes in the pool floor. Giving your new liner a smooth, clean finish.


Now we install your new liner.

We use two liner vacuums that suck out any air behind the liner. This vacuum effect allows the liner to take shape of your pool. Giving it a crisp, clean look.

Next we begin cutting in face-plates, stairs, and main drains where needed before we begin to fill.

Time to Swim!

Once we have your pool filled and up and running, there's nothing left for you to do but enjoy!